In a time where time wasn't, Seven Factions struggle for Liberation of the others so that they may live free and without struggle. This is the world of Libre.

In the distant future man made time machines, unaware of what would happen should they visit the past. Due to their mistakes the past, present and future are now inseparable. The past has become our future and our future our past. Ancient gods long thought deceased now walk among us. The only haven for those lost are the temples of the seven factions who have managed to create a system where time is at least stable. The seven factions are trying to retrieve articles of power from the others so that one may emerge victorious.

Overview and Features

You might have heard of Open Source. And you might have heard of Open Source Software. And you might have heard of Open Source Games. But I bet you’ve never considered that Open Source could possibly spill over into the Trading Card Game arena.

At its simplest, Libre is about gaining points while doing your best to prevent your opponent from gaining points at the same time. You control “Followers” which can be placed inside “Temples” to gain points while they're there. Or you can attack your opponent with those Followers and gain permanent points. All the while, you and your opponent fling spells, forge weapons and summon enormous monsters on to the field of battle.

Libre is one of few games of it’s kind. Most card companies hold a selfish and greedy death-grip on their games, often to the detriment of their own fans. With us, it’s different. We’ve designed a unique game that is at the same time familiar. And because of our liberal licensing, not only can you play the game for free, but you can also create cards, you can even print them!

And being a Free and open source project, we allow you to sell printed cards as well, and in fact, we encourage it.

But Libre's #1 feature is the ability to create new cards in the middle of a game. This then not only adds a little more strategy to an already strategic game, but also a little politics. “If you let me add this card I need now, you can add one too.”


The majority of cards were originally developed collaboratively around 2006-2007 by a close-knit group of friends. By 2008, the Alpha set was “done” and everyone got bored and wandered off.

  • M4357R0 (aka maestr0)
  • Melancholic
  • dred
  • Gryc
  • phm2010
  • chameleon
  • Maverick
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