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May 2 2010

  • ~color~ Archer: “Instead of this…” needs reworded.
  • Goblin: Needs a follower subtype perhaps? Maybe Orc?
  • Activated abilities should explicitly use its spirit color instead of just implying it with a number.
  • Can abilities and card effects deal damage to followers in temples? And if so, how much? 1? All of their damage?
  • [FIXED] Trumpet of Fire Storm: Perhaps it should be “divided equally”
  • ~color~ Merchant: “at the beginning of the your turn” typo needs fixed
  • Rising Pheonix: Add a note to its page about how it doesnt have Faith because its an animal.
  • Armaments: Do they discard when the creature they're attached to is discarded? Needs to be explicitly stated.
  • Do creatures “In a Temple” count as being “In Play? or is there two areas? “In Play” and “In a Temple”? Looks like its two areas. Needs to be explicit in the rules.
  • Card Idea: “Pit Trap”
  • Card Idea: Poisonous Creatures?

May 10 2010

  • “Mulligan” rules.
  • Dwarf Blacksmith: Needs to have “or “Dwarven”” in its text.
  • The cards in GCCG are too small
  • Libre in GCCG needs attaching, we should pull that from the magic or pokemon implementation
  • Libre in GCCG doesnt have any way to track points, we need to pull the score code from magic.
  • Warhammer: needs to be “Follower this is attached to” instead of “target”
  • Temporary faith: Perhaps have it not be generated until the beginning of your turn?
  • Describe Unique cards in the rules and/or make it a card effect instead of a type.
  • When you destroy a temple, does its followers die too?

May 15 2010

May 21 2010


As far as I remember Followers in temples should only have 1 life unless stated otherwise. We don't have bleed over damage as far as I remember, but if we do it _should_ be only kill the defending creature killed and one creature in a temple. m4357r0, 2010/05/10 06:11
Good point, I think we need to go through the deal-damage-directly cards and amend them to refer specifically to a Follower in play. OR maybe amend the rules such that you cant target Followers in a temple if there are Followers “In Play” (as opposed to “In a Temple”). gryc, 2010/05/10 13:21
It should read divide N+1 damage as you choose among up to N+1 followers. I _think_. I don't remember what we argued about regarding said card so I dunno. m4357r0, 2010/05/10 06:14
I updated that card with your new text.gryc, 2010/05/10 13:24
Poison Creatures should be in the next set. m4357r0, 2010/05/10 06:14
As for goblin should be put them under sprites or maybe goblinoid? So we can put hobgoblin under goblinoid as well? m4357r0, 2010/05/10 06:18
Why does Rising Phoenix need a not about Faith? m4357r0, 2010/05/10 06:21
Well, it should be faithless and excommunicated instead of having NUL faith. gryc, 2010/05/10 13:32
hrm well cards in a temple are still in play, it's just they go to 0 attack and 1 defense. m4357r0, 2010/05/10 06:21
Okay, so “In a Temple” is a subset of “In Play”?
yes m4357r0, 2010/05/10 15:47
Armaments are not discarded because they have recycle. …hrm maybe not. But they should remain in play and you just repay their cost to put on a new follower. m4357r0, 2010/05/10 06:23
I dunno, the Armaments with recycle have that to specifically keep from being discarded…but then again, keeping Armaments in play until specifically discarded would help mitigate some of the destruction of defenses when a player is overwhelmed with Followers. But I think an Armament should be discarded unless it says not to. This way, we can use Armament for non-weapon “Armaments” like spells and such. gryc, 2010/05/10 13:50
I don't remember. m4357r0, 2010/05/10 15:49
Temple Destruction… Uhmmm…we could maybe add in an element of randomization for randomly flipping whether or not that particular follower is destroyed or not? m4357r0, 2010/05/10 16:05
Probably though on a card by card basis figure out whether it would kill any followers, all followers, or some followers. admin, 2010/05/11 19:22
Since we are on the topic, Does Faith generate at the start of your turn? It probably should if it does not already so you can't have people just rush everything into temples and that person wins automatically.
Howabout by default Followers arent destroyed, and then go through cards that destroy Temples (there cant be that many of them) and amend them to destroy Followers inside or not. gryc, 2010/05/10 16:05
And I think having temporary Faith points generate at the beginning of the turn would keep people from rushing. As it is, someone could win and not have any chance at being stopped. If we added even a 1-turn buffer, it might just make it a little more fun and/or drawn out. gryc, 2010/05/10 16:05
So then it sounds like we are going through temple destroy cards and amending them to destroy or not to destroy followers on a card by card basis? maestr0, 2010/05/15 05:35
Well, only the cards we want to discard Followers as well as the Temple. By default Followers wouldnt be discarded.gryc, 2010/05/15 06:55
I moved the discussion on this page into its own section. — Gryc Ueusp 2010/05/22 02:42
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