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Core Set

Core Set index

The Core Set is a sort of bootstrap set designed to jumpstart development and provide a solid (if bland) base for new cards to be developed. In this set, each color has the same cards and this set by itself is generally boring. It introduces Temples and taking control of Followers via Conversion and other effects.

Each color in The Core Set has the same cards and follows a template:

  • (color) Archer
  • (color) Cleric
  • (color) Conversion
  • (color) Crusaders
  • (color) Defender
  • (color) Evangelist
  • (color) Merchant
  • (color) Paladin
  • (color) Templar
  • (color) Temple
  • (color) Zealot
  • High Priest of (color)

Alpha Set

Alpha Set index

The Alpha Set is a collection of about 180 cards with really different effects. Each of these cards were argued over on a forum sometime around 2006-2008 by a close-knit group of friends, each one taking on a color to develop. As such, they are varied and fairly balanced.

There are a couple groups of related cards within Alpha:

Beta Set

Beta Set index

The Beta Set is a bit of a misnomer. In the early days of Libre, there was a quota system in place to focus card creation efforts toward spirit types with fewer cards. Cards created beyond this quota, or after the quotas were full were placed into an ephemeral “beta” or “second” set.

This set will be folded into the current Alpha set and reorganized once we leave Betatesting.

New Cards

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