As a community project, Libre needs everyone's help to move forward. There are a number of things that need done at the moment.


Most of our cards have no art at all. This makes the bulk of our cards unprintable in any professional context. In order to get cards printed, they need to have art. I wont be printing cards that have no art.

To contribute art for a card, first find a card that has no art. The NoArt tag Index has a full list of all cards with no art.

All art must be Public Domain, Free Art License, or Creative Commons (Except Non-Commercial and No-Derivatives variants) licensed. Other licenses will be considered as they are suggested.

The only requirements of prospective new licenses for art is that they dont require a royalty, and that we can distribute the originals for the purpose of assembling cards, and that anyone may sell Libre cards with the art on them. Without these freedoms, no one will be able to print cards for anyone else. This is why the Creative Commons Non-Commercial license is not allowed.

Some handy places you can get art are:

Some CC friendly artists are:

New Cards

Libre loves new cards!

If you have an idea for a card:

  1. Go to new_cards
  2. Click “Edit Page”
  3. Add a link with your card's name like
    [[newcards:My New Card]]

    (The “newcards:” part is important, make sure its there.)

  4. Click your link and fill in the magically appearing template.
  5. Edit it to your heart's content. Be sure to preview before you save to make sure it looks like it is supposed to. The format is plain XML, and the elements need to be in the order they are in the template. If you're not familiar with XML, read up.

After it's submitted, other developers will look at it, discuss changes and make any adjustments as needed. Dont fret if it turns out totally different from how it went in, its bound to happen sooner or later. The other developers will try not to purposefully step on your toes, if you feel you've been wronged, let them know and they'll be more tactful with their suggestions. Adding a summary of the card and its concept to the bottom of the page is probably a good idea and will keep the other developers from mangling your card.

Now it needs some art! (Scroll up a bit.)

Once its been mostly agreed as being “balanced”, a core developer will make sure it has art and is really balanced and otherwise looks good. They'll give it the nod and it'll be in one set or another.

Rules Changes

As a general rule, most of the core rules are “set in stone” as it were. Some bits are old and crusty and need changing.

If you have a change to the rules or don't like how something works, post something in the Discussion section of the appropriate page. Try to avoid changing the canonical rules and explanation pages unless they don't match reality.

Play Testing

Despite being a fairly old project, the rules system and cards are not very mature. Meaning that they are complete, yet unrefined. To fix this, we need people to play as many games of Libre as they can stomach and take notes. Keep track if something confuses you or doesnt seem right or is inconsistent.

Please paste your notes into the Beta Notes page.

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