Development Status

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Libre's Beta phase is a little over half done. (~65%)

Future development's focus should be on finding appropriate art.

If you see a card that you would like to have art, add it to Release Candidate.

98.5% of the cards ( still lack art).

Card text and data still needs a once-over to clean up any discrepancies between similar cards. (Example: The Orbs text differs a little between the cards.)


  • Total Number of Cards: ~264
  • Completion: 532/792 (65%)
  • Cards that are Complete: 4/264 (1.5%)
  • Cards with Art: 4/264 (1.5%)
  • Accepted (no major dissensions) Cards: 264/264 (100%)
  • Balanced (Effects and cost are balanced) Cards: 264/264 (100%)
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