Play Online

We play online via GCCG.

Unlike other GCCG games, we dont have servers up 24/7 so you will need to connect directly to your opponent or them to you. The server host needs to have port 29114 open.

If you get lost, hop into our IRC channel, someone will help you.


First, install GCCG:

Download the gccg-libre zip package and unzip it into your GCCG directory such that “Install Libre.bat” is in the same directory as “gccg_package”.

Next, install the required packages:

  • Windows: Run “Install Libre.bat” from the installer zipfile.
  • Linux:
    ./gccg_package install core server client fonts linux-i386
  • OS X:
    ./gccg_package install core server client fonts darwin-i386

(Non-Windows) Now open a terminal (or command prompt) and cd into your gccg directory, run:

perl gccg_package source add
perl gccg_package update
perl gccg_package install libre libre-cards

Hosting a Server

To host, you will need to start the factory, then the metaserver, then a table to play on.

You and your opponent also need to know your public IP. You can get this from

Start a factory:

./ccg_server --load factory-server.triggers libre.xml

Start a metaserver:

./ccg_server --load meta-server.triggers libre.xml

Start a table:

./ccg_server --load server.triggers --rules Libre.rules --server YOURNETWORKIP --players 2 --port 29114 libre.xml

Where YOURNETWORKIP is the IP your router forwards the port to.


  • Windows:
    Libre.bat --server SERVERIP
  • Linux/OS X:
    ./Libre --server SERVERIP

Where SERVERIP is the host's IP.

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