The next Tournament is unplanned.

Tournaments begin every month on the third Friday of each month. It will last all of the following week. Players will not be required to be present at all times and may come and go as they please. The tournament will be “open” for 7 days, during which time players should seek out players they've not played against. The first match (each match having 3 games) played against a player will be the one that counts toward the final tally.

Tournaments are held on our IRC channel. (See or for an IRC client.)

The tourneys will be in the Round Robin format, with as many people playing each other as possible in the time allotted. The player with the most wins, wins. Any ties will be decided via a tiebreaker match or a single-elimination mini-tournament. Please report wins via

The top 25% of players in the tournament will receive promotional prizes snail-mailed or emailed to them if they wish. Participants will also receive some amount of “points”, the use of which will be determined later.

Past Tournaments

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